Become a Volunteer Firefighter....Yes, YOU!

Duties of a Volunteer Firefighter:

  • Assist in emergency response calls to fire, medical, hazardous materials, and other emergency incidents from the community.
  • Participate in company drills under the direction of company officers or station instructors.
  • Acquire knowledge of streets, buildings, and locations of fire hydrants in the District.
  • Acquire a working knowledge of the operation of all types of apparatus, tools, and equipment assigned to their station; and a familiarity with apparatus, tools, and equipment used in the District.

Possess Knowledge of:

  • Hose and ladder evolutions
  • CPR, first aid, and rescue techniques
  • Fire hydraulics
  • Chemistry of fire
  • Fire inspection
  • Tools and appliances
  • Public relations
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Use, maintain, and care for the property, buildings, apparatus, tools, and equipment assigned to the station to permit immediate response to alarms
  • Wear the safety equipment prescribed by regulations when en route, at the fire scene, and returning to the station
  • Be courteous and helpful when interacting with the public and with superior officers


  • Must be 18 or older

After completing an application and interview, candidates will be invited to participate in a Physical  Ability Test (PAT) that simulates some of the physical tasks a Volunteer Firefighter would perform. Upon successful completion of the PAT, a medical exam is required. Upon passing the medical exam, the District sends candidates through a locally conducted training academy. After successful completion of the Fire Training Academy, candidates have the required knowledge and skills to serve their community.

Interested in Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter?

Download the Volunteer Firefighter Job Description for more information.

Rehab Division

The purpose of the Harris County ESD 48 Rehab Division is to provide physical rehabilitation and rehydration for firefighters and emergency responders who work on emergency scenes for extended periods of time. Our Rehab 3 unit is a specially equipped truck that responds to major fires, emergencies, and natural disasters across the region. We focus on incidents where the health and safety of the emergency responders on scene may be jeopardized by the nature or duration of the incident or the weather.

Rehab 3 provides shelter, blankets, hot and cold beverages, a place to cool off in the summer and warm up in the winter, and has on an onboard restroom for scenes where no public facilities are available.

The HCESD 48 Rehab team is comprised of community volunteers and is led by Captain Lou Fabricant and Lieutenant Tom Hurley.

Community Team

Until recently, volunteer opportunities at fire departments weren’t readily available unless community members were interested in fighting fire. To provide more opportunities for citizens to give back, HCESD 48 established the Community Team.

Community Team volunteers assist and support HCESD 48 behind the front lines in non-firefighting duties including the Community Education Team (school programs), CPR instructors, Car Seat Safety, Rehab (support and rehydrate fire crews at major scenes), Public Relations events, and Administrative Support.  HCESD 48 is very proud of the Community Team. Our volunteers bring their unique talents and skill sets and work together to make a positive impact in the community.

The goal of the Community Team is to connect with our citizens wherever they are. Whether digitally through one of our our social media platforms or in person in neighborhoods, offices, schools, or places of worship, our goal is to educate community members through engaging programs designed to help keep them and their families safe.

How do I become a Community Team Volunteer?

In order to provide HCESD  48 members and the community we serve with the best experience possible, we require potential volunteers to:

  • Complete a volunteer application
  • Once an application is received, an invitation will be sent to interview
  • Potential volunteers pass a medical exam, pre-employment drug screen, and background check

Why do I need a background check?

Due to the nature of our work, all volunteers must successfully complete a criminal background check.

Can anyone be a Community Team Volunteer?

  • HCESD 48 requires all volunteers be 18 years or older

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