Welcome to HCESD 48 Fire Department.

Experience you can trust.

The HCESD 48 Commissioners have launched a new Fire, EMS, and Rescue Department to better serve the rapidly growing community in its jurisdiction in the western part of Harris County located between Houston and the City of Katy. The new, HCESD 48 Fire Department has professional leadership, career first responders, and experienced volunteers.

Key benefits of the new HCESD 48 Fire Department include:

  • A more effective, sustainable, and organized system to better serve the emergency needs of our rapidly growing community
  • Improved incentives for career and volunteer first responders
  • Improved District management of resource allocations and taxpayer funds

Marshall Kramer, President and Commissioner of the district, and Jeffrey Hevey, Fire Chief of the department, bring years of experience to serve our community.

Our Mission


We are committed to deliver excellence to the people we serve by providing a highly experienced emergency response team and state of the art equipment.


Integrity is of the utmost importance in public safety. Integrity is the result of honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, and accountability. The public needs to trust us in order for us to do our job. They need to trust us with their personal property, their safety, their privacy, their loved ones' care and even their lives. Emergency medical responders and firefighters rely on each other. For our team to function optimally, each member must also trust everyone on their crew to deliver excellence at all times.


We serve two communities:

  • The people who live, work, and play in the western part of Harris County
  • The men and women who work and serve at HCESD 48 Fire Department

We strive to serve our two communities by being professional, open, and inclusive. We welcome ideas for continuous improvement.

We value the sharing of knowledge. Knowledge enables the public to have a safe environment and our members the opportunity to grow their careers. Community is the result of the ongoing collaboration and contributions of everyone.

CPR & First Aid Training Available

For Emergencies Call 911

For Non-Emergencies:
Call our main office: 281-578-2518
Write to us: info@esd48fire.org

Visit our stations

Open House and Staion 5 unveiling
Sunday 12-4pm (10/23/16)

Sunday, October 23rd from 12-4pm is our annual Open House and we would love to have you join us for a FREE, fun and educational event that the whole family will love.

Last year we had over 500 of our friends and neighbors attend the festivities both at Station 3 at 1773 Westgreen Blvd and Station 4 at 22855 Franz Road but this year we are adding our brand new Station 5 at 21201 Morton Road to the event and opening it to the public before it goes into service on Monday 10/24/16.

This year, each station will have a few activities and/or guest that will be unique to that station so you may want to drop by all three of the participating stations to see it all.

Each station will be open to the public and will have all the trucks, ambulances and command vehicles shined up and ready for vehicle tours and demonstrations. There will be light refreshments and plenty of educational activities that will be fun for adults and kids alike. One of our newest attractions at all three stations will be our brand new Spray House where kids will be able to show their skills in knocking down four “fires” with a real fire hose.