Lia Hales

Community Relations Coordinator, Assistant to Community Risk Reduction Officer

Lia Hales is responsible for coordinating community outreach activities, event planning, organizing donation and fundraising efforts, and building meaningful partnerships with key community groups/organizations. She manages volunteer recruitment and development for the HCESD 48 Community Team. Lia also provides Administrative support to the CRR Division Chief to assist with, coordinate, and promote CRR programs.

Lia is an administrative professional with more than 25 years in the healthcare insurance/medical billing industry and also brings more than 16 years’ experience in the nonprofit industry supporting organizations that partner with First Responders.

Lia currently serves on the Advisory Committee for the Katy Area Safety Fest, the largest safety related multi-agency public event in Harris County. Lia is also a founding member and former Vice President of Hunker Down Auxiliary, which supports HCESD 48’s mission and members.

Lia was born and raised in Southern California but is happy to call Texas her home since 2012. Lia has been married to her husband, Jerry, for more than 30 years. She loves spending time with her children, grandchildren and traveling to see her extended family in CA, NV, AZ and HI. Lia is a proud law enforcement/Marine wife and Navy mom. She takes pride in being a member of HCESD 48 and blessed to work alongside great people within this organization.

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